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Crawl Space Waterproofing

Solve Your Wet Crawlspace Worries!

Many homeowners in CT, NY and MA have crawlspaces. More often than not, these crawlspaces suffer from moisture problems.

Something that’s not always understood by homeowners is that the air quality of a home built on top of a dirty crawl space can be greatly affected by moisture and harmful gasses that are released from the earth. These include the potentially cancer-causing gas Radon, as well as many other less dangerous yet still unpleasant allergens.

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We have the solution to give you a dry crawlspace and a healthy home.

At Budget Dry, we install the patented Dura Shield product, a quality American-made product manufactured by a Massachusetts company dedicated to improving  home health and indoor air quality. If you have a crawl space, contact us so our specialists can give you the information you need to make the best decisions for the health and stability of your crawl space.

As an added bonus, encapsulating a crawl space and controlling the humidity of the space year-round also helps to control you heating and cooling costs and protect floor joists and insulation.

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